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JoonHong Sohn

JoonHong Sohn

Retina Center
Clinical President of Hospital

Retina, Vitreous Body

Academic Background
Graduated from Seoul National University College of Medicine
MD PhD, University of Ulsan College of Medicine

Former Fellow of Retina, Asan Medical Center
Former Full-time Instructor, Konyang University Hospital
Former Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at Asan Medical Center
Present Clinical President of HanGil Eye Hospital, HanGil Medical Foundation

Academy of Medical Sciences
Full-Member of Korean Ophthalmological Society
Full-Member of Korean Retina Society (Former Editorial Committee & Editorial Director)
Director of Academics Committee of Korean Academy of Clinical Electrophysiology

Retina (Co-author)
Image Based Diagnosis of Retinal Disease (Co-author)
Thesis: Temporary Keratoprosthesis for Vitroretinal Surgery in Eyes with Corneal Opacities and so on.
Hangil Eye Hospital
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