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Kim Jae Heon

Kim Jae Heon

Department of Urology

Urologic disease, Minimal invasive surgery (Laproscopic surgery, Robotic assisted laparoscopic surgery), Andrology

Education & Career
1994.3-2001.2 / Soonchunhyang University, College of Medicine Korea University Graduate School Medicine PhD.
2010.3-2011.2 / Clinic Assistant Professor, Korea University Ansan Hospital
2012.5-2016.2 / Assistant Professor, Soonchunhyang University Seoul Hospital
2016.3-now / Associate Professor, Soonchunhyang University Seoul Hospital
2016-2017 / Visiting professor Department of Urology, Urologic oncology center and Robotic Surgery center, Stanford University Medical Center, CA, USA

Membership and Academic Activities
2006-present Korean Urological Association, Member
2014-present Korean Urological Prostate Association, Member, Executive director
2016-present Korean Andrology Society, Member, Executive director
2017-now Editorial board of World Journal of Men’s Health
2020 Associate editor of World Journal of Men’s Health

Main Research Interests
Research focuses on urological disease, especially urologic cancers of the prostate and bladder.
Developing biomarkers for prostate and bladder cancer.
Investigating the role of androgen in diverse disease.
Big data and meta-analysis in medical studies.

Publication, Text books
Jae Heon Kim, Adjuvant Therapy in Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer, in Management of Advanced Prostate Cancer, Springer, 2018
Jae Heon Kim, Single, immediate, post-operative intravesical chemotherapy in Bladder Cancer, Elsevier, 2017
Soonchunhyang University Hospital, Seoul city
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