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Lee Kwang Yeol

Lee Kwang Yeol

Department of Orthopedics


Artificial joint replacement: hip, shoulder and knee joints, arthroscopic surgery, sports/physical injuries, stem cell treatment, valgus deformity, etc


Medical Master's Degree at the Catholic University

"Education and experience"

• Graduate of the Medical Faculty of the Catholic University
• Master of the Faculty of Medicine of the Catholic University
• Specialist of the Central Medical Center of the Catholic University (St. Mary's Hospital)
• Staff doctor of the Department of Orthopedics (Shoulder joint) at St. Mary's Hospital (Seoul) Catholic University
• Associate Professor at Catholic Medical University
• Professor of Outpatient Department of Chungnam National University Hospital
• Professor of the Outpatient Department of the hospital at the University of Ilzhi
• Professor of Outpatient Department of Konkuk University Hospital
• Chief Physician and Head of the Orthopedics Center of Tyntyn Hospital, Jeju City
• Doctor of the Orthopedic Center of Nanuri Incheon Hospital
• Senior Vice President of Gangnam-gu Medical Association
• Director for External Cooperation of the Korean Regional Hospital Association
• Director of Public Relations of the Korean Association of Orthopedic Surgeons
• Member of the Criminal Damage Compensation Committee of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office
• Member of the Steering Committee of the Medical Policy Research Institute of the Korean Medical Association
• Member of the Advisory Committee of the Regional Center for Patient Safety of the Korean Medical Association
• (Former) Seoul Council Policy Director
Nanoori Hospital
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