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Shin Hyuk Jae

Shin Hyuk Jae

Breast cancer, breast diseases, thyroid diseases, endoscopic interventions for breast diseases, reconstructive mammoplasty for breast cancer

Bachelor of Medical College University of Dongguk
Master's degree from the Medical College of the University of Dongguk
Doctoral studies at the Medical College of the University of Dongguk

Myongji Hospital, Deputy. chief medical officer for the medical part
Myongji Hospital, Deputy Chief medical officer for the medical part, Professor
Myongji Hospital, Breast and Thyroid Diseases Treatment Center, Director
Myongji Hospital, Precision Medicine Center, Director
Seoul National University Hospital, Breast Disease Treatment Center, Clinical instructor
Seoul National University Hospital, Proteomics Research Laboratory, Researcher
Internship at the Kameda Medical Center (Japan) specializing in endoscopic interventions for breast diseases

University of Melbourne, School of Population Health, Exchange Professor
Internship at the Peter McCallum Cancer Center
Myongji Hospital, International Department, Director of ASCO full member
Member of the American Society of Medical Oncology l member
Myongji Hospital