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Kim Ji Hoon

Kim Ji Hoon

Department of Proctology

Position: Professor, Head of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit

Colorectal surgery (colorectal cancer, rectal cancer), laparoscopic surgery (colorectal cancer, hernia)

2004.02 Bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Medicine of Catholic University
2015.08 Master's degree from the Faculty of Medicine of Catholic University
1998.11.17 - Laparoscopic appendectomy (the first in Incheon)
2002.07.15 - Laparoscopic resection of the right colon
2001.11.09 - Laparoscopic correction of inguinal hernia
2002.11.06 - Laparoscopic hernia closure (for the first time in Korea)
2004.05.11 - Laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery (the first in Incheon)
2004.11.11 - Laparoscopic rectal
surgery 2008.03.27 - Laparoscopic appendectomy with one incision (the first in the Gyeongin region)
2008.11.19 - Single incision (subcutaneous anterior peritoneum), laparoscopic hernia correction (for the first time in Korea)
2009.03.11 - Laparoscopic resection of the colorectal canal with one incision
2010.09.06 - Laparoscopic correction of a hernia with one incision (subabdominal)
2011.03.16 - Robotic colorectal surgery (the first in Incheon)
2011.07.19 - Laparoscopic surgery of colorectal cancer with one incision
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