St. Mary's Hospital Incheon
Date of opening of the hospital: June 27, 1955
• Category: University Multidisciplinary Hospital
• Number of beds: 867 (as of 12/15/2020)
• Staff: 2,206 employees (as of 01/14/2021)
• The first Incheon University Hospital for the training of interns and residents
• For the first time in Korea, a hospital for the treatment of brain diseases was opened.
Applying innovative methods of treatment of cerebrovascular diseases, St. Mary's Hospital in Incheon makes a feasible contribution to the improvement of the population
• Oncological diseases: First place according to the evaluation results in the nomination ""Low mortality after surgical treatment of stomach cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer"", as well as the highest category for
""Carrying out adequate surgical treatment of stomach cancer""
• Heart diseases: The highest category in the nomination "Assessment of treatment of acute myocardial infarction" among medical institutions of the country
• Diseases of the spine and joints: First place in the nomination "Knee and hip replacement", First place in the nomination "Surgical treatment of the spine and shoulder joint"
• Organ transplantation: Successful kidney transplantation from a donor with an incompatible blood group,
corneal transplantation and other organ transplantation operations
• Radiology: For the first time in the country, TomoTherapy was introduced and radiotherapy treatment was started.
For the first time in the country, the MRIdian LINAC MRI machine has been introduced for the treatment of major cancers.
The latest types of linear accelerators are used - TomoTherapy, MRIdian LINAC, HALCYON, Novalis, Linac
• Specialized centers: Hepatobiliary System diseases Treatment Center, diagnostic center
("CHECK UP" center, health promotion center), joint treatment center, endoscopy center, vascular disease treatment center, diabetic center, robotic surgery center, laparoscopy center, gastroenterology center, neonatal resuscitation and intensive care center, nephrology center, cardiovascular disease treatment center, breast disease treatment center breast and thyroid gland, Emergency care Center, Organ transplantation Center, spinal diseases Treatment Center, Respiratory system diseases Treatment Center, Incheon City Hospice
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