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Hyun-Tae Shin

Hyun-Tae Shin

Profile: Genetic skin diseases, pediatric dermatological diseases, dermatological diseases after chemotherapy


2009.02 Inha Medical Institute.

2014.002 Master's Degree in Dermatology at the Songyun Medical Institute.

2019.02 Doctoral studies at the Songyungwan Medical Institute.


From 20.03 to the present, Associate Professor of Dermatology at the Inha University Clinic

2019.03-20.02 military hospital doctor

2014.03-2019.02 Researcher at the Department of Genetics of the Samsung G Clinic Seoul

2010.02-2014.02 Resident at Samsung G Clinic Seoul

2009.03-2010.02 intern at Samsung Seoul Clinic
Inha University Hospital
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