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Lee Chae Young

Lee Chae Young

Department of Hematology and Oncology

The doctor of the highest category in the direction: LHIPEC surgery is the only alternative treatment for peritoneal cancer and metastases in the abdominal cavity.

Chief Physician of the Integrative Cancer Center at the SAM Hospital.

Peritoneal cancer, metastases in the peritoneum, LHIPEC (Laipec - laparoscopic hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy), HIFU-Knife (Haifa knife - high-frequency ultrasound ablation), SB injection

"Education and Internship"
Master's degree of the Faculty of Medicine of Chunnam University
Graduation from the Medical Faculty of Chunnam University

Currently: Chief Physician of the Integrative Oncology Center at the hospital G SAM and Head of the Department of Oncological Surgery at the hospital G SAM
Doctor-Head of the Integrative Cancer Center at Anyang SAM Hospital
Medical Missionary Researcher at the Research Institute for Regional Social Development, John Brown University, USA
Doctor-Head of the Surgical Department at Anyang SAM Hospital
The doctor at Sammul Hospice
Trainee doctor at Seoul Asan Hospital (Laparoscopy, traumatology)
Residency in the Surgical Department of Seoul Asan Hospital
SAM Medical Center