Ilsan Hospital at Dongguk University
Having opened a new era in medicine, Ilsan Hospital at Dongguk University is a "modern digital hospital applying Eastern and Western methods of treatment",
and was founded as part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Dongguk University.
• Opened in 2005, Ilsan Hospital at Dongguk University became the first medical institution in the world to combine Western and Eastern methods of treatment on the basis of a unique medical information system. To date, the hospital consists of 34 departments, 49 specialized clinics and 12 special specialized centers.
Additionally, a Medical Research Center and a Preclinical Testing Laboratory were opened in 2006, and a Clinical Testing Center was opened in 2008. This means that Ilsan Hospital, regularly and systematically conducting research on vital diseases, makes a significant contribution to the development of medicine and treatment methods.
• In 2007, for the first time in the northern region of Gyeonggi Province, cochlear surgery was successfully performed in our hospital, as well as endoscopic surgery to remove the thyroid gland from the axillary access was performed for the first time.
To improve the quality and effectiveness of patient treatment, the hospital operates such specialized centers as the Center for Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancer Center, Center for Stereotactic Surgery, Center for Intensive Therapy of Traumatic Brain Injuries using European and Eastern methods of treatment,
Thyroid Treatment Center and others. In 2011, our hospital was designated as a "Database of magnetic resonance imaging of the brain of Koreans" to create Korean standards for magnetic resonance imaging of ischemic heart attack.
• The general wellness Center provides treatment in a very comfortable and comfortable hotel-level environment using Eastern and European methods of treatment.
A "One-Stop Service" quick service system has been installed, when the patient receives both medical care and the result on the day of his treatment.
• In 2011, Ilsan Hospital was awarded by the Ministry of Health and received an official certificate of the level of medical services and the level of safety for patients. There is also an International Treatment Center on the basis of the hospital, where foreign patients can easily and without difficulty receive the desired medical services.
The Goyan Biomedical Complex is also located on the basis of Ilsan Hospital, and in the future it is planned to build the Goyan Medical Cluster, which will combine a corporate research center, a medical "town" and other medical institutions. Thus, thanks to the latest research, Ilsan Hospital at Dongguk University, becoming the center of the Goyan Medical Cluster, will become the locomotive of the future development of life and health-related medicine.
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