Sejong Hospital, Bucheon
Sejong Hospital constantly conducts clinical trials and research, implements a system of systematic treatment of heart diseases and boldly invests in its development. Currently, the success rate is also the highest in Korea. The goal of the hospital: Humanity free from heart pain Humanity free from vascular diseases..
Incheon Sejong Hospital is structured with an infection management control system, designed with its background based on our chief aim of patient safety, segmented into emergency patients, severe patients, ward and OPD patients..

Structured to put patients’ safety as top priority
Along with access restriction devices for safety of patients and guardians, let alone isolation compartments and separate counselling rooms placed here and there in the hospital, it has been constructed with a One Way Process, meaning the flow of traffic does not cross between the clean zones and the contaminated zones, in all of the Emergency Room, Operation Room, Endoscopy Room, the ICU, wards, Central Supply Room and others.
Everyone including patients, clients and community members!A new healing experience with nature, art and culture
The wide open park around the hospital which exhibits a beautiful view enough to take walks all year round, and the greenery you can observewhile receiving treatment at the Rehabilitation Medicine Center(Physical Therapy) and the Department of Artificial Kidney provide affirming experiences if recovering with nature.
The big lobby designed as an atrium space, something novel to the usual heavy image of a hospital, provides a special Healing Experience for the clients.
Appreciate works of the best artists in the country here and there in the hospital, not to mention the various themed exhibitions that are held regularly at the Gallery RAN on the B1 floor, and it is also possible to spectate a health lecture, various events and performances at the Hall. These facilities are all open to the local community, allowing for opportunities to meet with a Healing Experience in nature together with cultural contents.
Simplicity is somehow essentially describing the purpose and place of an object and product. The absence of clutter is just a clutter-free product. That's not simple.
We work with the best doctors and find solutions for any problems.
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