Sejong Hospital Incheon
Hospital opening date: March 2017
Number of beds: 326
Specialized units: 28 medical departments, as well as 16 medical centers, which include a cardiology center, a center for the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases, a pediatric center,
a women's health center, an ophthalmological center Hangil
According to the results of the evaluation of the activities of 61 hospitals for the period from 2001 to 2004, the Korean Heart Foundation was awarded the first place (97.7%)
in the nomination "Successfully performed heart operations". In 2016, for the seventh time, the Service for Checking Medical Expenses of the State Compulsory Medical Insurance
Fund was awarded the highest category for "Conducting adequate coronary artery bypass grafting"
For the first time in the country, the Revolution ultra-precise computed tomograph (512 channels) was introduced, for the first time in Asia - the Connected Patient Monitoring Solution
patient monitoring system, equipped with an advanced robotic operating system, 3.0T MRI devices for accurate diagnosis of diseases of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, abdominal organs and heart, hybrid and aseptic operating rooms
We work with the best doctors and find solutions for any problems.
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