Brain diseases
Brain tumors
Brain tumors are primary formations in the tissue itself or in the areas of the brain, as well as metastases.

Tumors are divided into benign and malignant. In most cases, benign growths grow slowly and do not require urgent surgical intervention. Malignant tumors are characterized by rapid growth and the ability to penetrate into healthy nearby brain tissues, destroying them.

If a brain tumor is suspected during a neurological examination, additional examinations are prescribed: MRI, if necessary, CT with contrast, PET-CT, magnetoencephalography, spinal fluid puncture, blood test, EEG, stereotactic biopsy.

Methods of treatment of brain tumors: drug symptomatic therapy (increased intracranial pressure, epileptic seizures caused by a tumor), surgical treatment (diagnostic surgery, the purpose of which is a biopsy of brain tissue, craniotomy, surgery for hydrocephalus, gamma knife), radiotherapy, chemotherapy. Gamma knife is usually used for the treatment of small-sized tumors without infiltrative growth into adjacent tissues.
Craniotomy is performed to remove the tumor and prevent relapses. If it is impossible to achieve the desired result completely through craniotomy, stereotactic surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are prescribed.

Other methods of treatment: the use of drugs that suppress angiogenesis, immunotherapy, gene therapy.

The cost of diagnosis and treatment: 26.000.000 - 29.000.000 won (removal of benign formation), 32.000.000 - 36.000.000 won (removal of malignant formation).
Carotid artery stenosis
Carotid arteries are paired cervical vessels through which blood supply to the organs of the head is carried out.
The common carotid artery is divided into internal and external. Carotid artery stenosis is a narrowing of the vascular lumen, which can be caused by various reasons.

Ultrasound of the carotid arteries, angiography, CT, MRI/MRA of the brain.

The purpose of carotid artery stenosis treatment is to prevent a brain infarction. Treatment is recommended if the degree of narrowing is more than 70%.

Methods of treatment: drug treatment, stenting, carotid artery endarterectomy.

Cost of diagnosis and treatment: from 16.350.000 won

Cerebral vascular aneurysm
An aneurysm is a pathological condition in which the vessel wall is stretched and bulged. Most aneurysms are small (less than 10 mm). Aneurysms larger than 25 mm are called giant.

CT angiography, MRI (is a highly informative method that allows detecting aneurysms in 90% of cases), angiography of cerebral vessels by transfemoral access.

The purpose of treatment is to prevent cerebral hemorrhage. Surgical treatment methods: aneurysm clipping (high degree of complete occlusion and stability), endovascular embolization of the aneurysm.

Cost of diagnosis and treatment: 27.200.000 - 30.200.000 won
Moyamoya disease
Moyamoya disease is a progressive disease characterized by a gradual narrowing of the lumen of the terminal segments of both internal carotid arteries and the lumen of the site of their perforation – the initial segments of the anterior and middle cerebral arteries. It is widespread among representatives of the Mongoloid race. In children, it most often manifests itself in the form of ischemia or cerebral infarction, in adults – in the form of hemorrhagic stroke. In stroke conditions, a differential diagnosis between stroke and moyamoya disease is required.

MRI/MRA of the brain, PET-CT (to assess cellular metabolism), single-photon emission computed tomography (for postoperative prognosis).

Surgery (direct and indirect bypass surgery) and drug therapy. treatment.

Cost of diagnosis and treatment: 39.000.000 - 44.000.000 won
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