Prosthetics of teeth
Prosthetics is the restoration of damaged or complete replacement of lost teeth.
Types of prosthetics: prosthetics with crowns (metal-ceramic, metal-ceramic on gold-containing alloys, all-ceramic, zirconium all-ceramic)
prosthetics with bridges, removable prosthetics of the upper and lower jaw, implants.

Panoramic image of teeth, CT of the jaw (when installing implants), examination and photo of the oral cavity.

Installation of crowns: 850.000 - 950.000 won
Installation of implants: 1.200.000 - 3.000.000 won
Mandibular bone augmentation: 520,000 won
Bone augmentation of the upper jaw (sinus lifting): 650.000 - 940.000 won

Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening is a procedure to restore the color of darkened tooth enamel. The causes of discoloration of teeth are smoking, drinking tea,
coffee and other coloring products.
Stages of the bleaching procedure: scaling, applying a protective substance to the surface of the gums, applying a bleaching agent to the
surface of the teeth, which includes hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, under the influence of a light activator.
The duration of the whitening effect is 3-5 years.

Cost: 280.000 won (1 time)

Correction of bite
Double-jaw osteotomy is performed in order to correct the incorrect position of the upper and lower jaws in relation to each other and
correct the bite.
Indications for surgery: progenia (when closing the lower teeth overlap the upper ones), microgenia (small chin), pronounced facial asymmetry.

X-ray examination, CT.

Cost: 15.000.000 - 22.000.000 won

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