Vision correction
LASEK (laser epithelial keratomylosis) is a method of surgical treatment of myopia. During the operation, the epithelial layer of the cornea of the eye is removed, and then, with the help of an excimer laser, the thickness of its central part is reduced: the necessary part of the anterior boundary membrane and stroma is removed to achieve a refractive effect.
After surgery, it takes time to restore the epithelial layer of the cornea. During this period, it is recommended to wear protective lenses that help reduce pain and speed up the regeneration process.

​LASIK (laser keratomylosis) is a method of surgical treatment of myopia. During the operation, a corneal flap is created, consisting of an epithelial layer, anterior boundary membrane and stroma. Then, using an excimer laser, the thickness of the central part of the cornea is reduced: the necessary part of the stroma is removed to achieve a refractive effect. At the end of the operation, the corneal flap returns to its original place.

Types of fibroids: submucosal fibroids, intramural fibroids, subserous fibroids.

Analysis of the entire anterior segment of the eye, measurement of pupil size, measurement of the curvature and thickness of the cornea, examination of the fundus and fields of vision, measurement of eye pressure.

Cost of diagnosis and treatment: 2,300,000 won (LASEK), 2,700,000 won (LASIK)
Correction of strabismus
Strabismus is an asymmetrical position of the eyes. Strabismus can be congenital and acquired. Causes of strabismus: anatomical
(fracture of the orbit, congenital malformation of the orbit, skull deformity, strabismus caused by thyroid diseases, structural changes
of the oculomotor muscle), neurological (myasthenia gravis, paralysis of the III, IV, VI pairs of cranial nerves, eyeball retraction syndrome,
internuclear ophthalmoplegia, etc.) and genetic cause.
Diagnostic research methods: measurement of visual acuity, refractometry, determination of the angle of strabismus, examination of the fundus,
optic nerve, biomicroscopy of the eye using a slit lamp, etc.

Surgical treatment (surgery to weaken, strengthen or transpose the oculomotor muscles) and non-surgical treatment (correction with glasses,
drug therapy, the use of stickers).

Cost of diagnosis and treatment: 4,000,000 - 4,500,000 won
Cataract is a disease associated with clouding of the lens. Clouding of the lens can be caused by natural aging of the body, inflammatory processes, trauma, etc.
Types of cataracts: anterior subcapsular cataract, nuclear sclerotic cataract, posterior subcapsular cataract.

Diagnostic methods: biomicroscopy of the eye using a slit lamp, measurement of visual acuity, fundus examination,
measurement of intraocular pressure.

Surgical treatment (implantation of an intraocular lens).

Cost of diagnosis and treatment: 3,200,000 - 6,000,000 won

Macular degeneration
Macular degeneration is a degenerative disease of the central part of the retina, the macula, causing a decrease in vision. There are two
forms of macular degeneration: dry and wet.it looks good on almost every website.

Diagnostic methods: examination of the fundus (retina), fluorescence angiography of the eye, optical coherence tomography, etc.

There is no specific treatment for the dry form of macular degeneration. Intraocular injections, photodynamic therapy, panretinal
laser coagulation of the retina, etc. are used to treat the wet form

Cost of diagnosis and treatment: 270.000 - 2.500.000 won

Macular rupture
Macular rupture is the formation of a hole in the macula as a result of a retinal defect. Macular rupture leads to a decrease in central vision.

Diagnostic methods: fundus examination with mydriasis, optical coherence tomography, fluorescence angiography of the eye, etc.

Surgical treatment (vitrectomy followed by the introduction of C3F8 or SF6 gas).

Cost of diagnosis and treatment: 7,500,000 - 8,500,000 won

An eye cornea transplant is an operation to replace a damaged cornea with a donor transplant.
Indications for surgery: neuroparalytic keratitis, keratitis that develops when the eye slit is not closed, poorly treatable dry eye syndrome, pemphigoid, Stevens–Johnson syndrome, corneal burn and conjunctiva, etc.

Types of operations:
Penetrating keratoplasty, through keratoplasty.

Cost of diagnosis and treatment: 5,500,000 - 6,500,000 won
Corneal transplantation
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